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Apr 18, 2013

Knesset Committee to look into legalizing Jewish prayer on Har Habayit

MK Miri Regev (Likud) was appointed to head the Knesset Interior Committee (along with the Environmental Affairs Committee). In her first day on the job, in her first announcement as head of the committee, she has already taken care to upset many. In Regev's first announcement she said, among other things, that she is going to tour, along with the other committee members, Har HaBayit and analyze the possibility of legalizing Jewish prayer at the site.

Meretz immediately released a condemnation, saying this would be damaging to the possibility of peace, and reminding everyone that it was a visit to Har HaBayit (by Ariel Sharon) that set off the second intifada. Meretz said that the Temple Mount issue can only be resolved through a peace agreement that will allow all three religions to pray there.

In other words, Meretz believes that we technically should have freedom of worship and Jews should be allowed to pray there, but peace is in the way right now. I guess that's a start - we have initial agreement, even Meretz agrees, that the goal is eventual Jewish prayer on Har HaBayit. the question is only one of tactics.

Another point is Regev's intention. She wants to legalize, or at least look into leaglizing, Jewish prayer on Har Habayit. I would point out that Jewish prayer is already legal on Har Habayit, and Israel's Supreme Court has defended that a number of times. The problem preventing Jewish prayer on Har HaBayit is not a legal issue - it is by the decision of the police using the excuse of possible rioting as a way of preventing Jewish prayer.

Earlier today I sent MK Regev a note praising her initiative to look into the issues of Jewish prayer on Har Habayit. I hope something comes of it. And even if nothing comes of it quickly  I see it as a good sign that the issue is being raised at higher and higher levels, and is being discussed more and more and by more influential people.

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