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Apr 23, 2013

Shomronim to begin Pesach celebration tonight

The High Priest, or Kohen Gado, of the Shomron community, died last week at the age of 87. Their announcement points out that Aharon Ben Av Chisda, the kohen gadol, died 5 days before their holiday of Pesach, which starts today, 23/04/2013. This evening they will be slaughtering their korbanot pesach, an event that annually becomes a relatively significant tourist attraction, understandably.
photo credit to The Muqata

I wonder why they are allowed to slaughter their sacrifices every year with no government intervention, no need to appeal to the courts, no veterinary services stepping in to block the event, and all that, while when regular Jews want to sacrifice a korban, or even just perform an educational demonstration of the korban pesach, they to get banned by the government, the veterinary services, etc. and they have to go through special appeals to get the event allowed?

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  1. I'm not sure why you don't at least put all of these terms and titles in quotes, to indicate that it is separate from Torah observance.

    In fact, it is a major distortion of the Torah, and these individuals should not be supported by Jews financially.

  2. The K"G died? Wow! I've been stuck here in this Ir Miklat forever for "accidentally" poisoning Arafat! Thanks for letting me know!

    I'm free! Free at last!

  3. I'm sure the reason why they don't require any permission, is because it takes place in Shechem, which is under Palestinian civil authority at least. the Shomronim in Shechem are considered Palestinian and those in Holon Israeli. But they get together for this, and it becomes a big attraction, and lots of people go. Allthough we don't accept them as halachically Jewish, some of their customs have remained unchanged for thousands of years in the same place, and as such are probably closer to the real thing than ours even, especially this one.


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