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Apr 25, 2013

Anat Hoffman's simple solution to the Women of the Wall's problem at the Kotel

In the Jewish Journal, Anat Hoffman, chairperson of Women of the Wall, expresses an idea, a solution, I have never before heard, to the issue of women davening in an egalitarian service at the Kotel. I don't see it working, and perhaps it reflects on the true intentions of their actions.

Hoffman expresses support for the resolution arrived at by Natan Sharansky. She just does not believe it is actually going to happen. There are too many obstacles for it to actually come to fruition, she says.

Her own plan is much simpler.
Hoffman has a simple solution for women to pray at the Western Wall. "Let's share time," she suggested. For six hours a day the Wall will be a national monument, open to others but not to Orthodox men, she said.
Really? for 6 hours a day the Kotel should be open to everybody except Orthodox men? Suddenly discrimination is ok? Nobody bans Reform women from going to the Kotel at any hour of the day - the ban is on them holding certain types of services with certain activities - agree or not, it is not the same as banning them from the area for periods of time.

And, who is going to be trained to "check the tzitzit of males" walking into the Kotel area? How will they determine if someone is Orthodox or Traditional? Will the ban be only on "ultra-orthodox", or also "Dati Leumi Orthodox"? Will it be based on the color or style of the kippa or tallit?

And, why only ban Orthodox men - why not Orthodox women as well for x number of hours per day? Will there even be Reform visitors to the Kotel during those 6 hours on a daily basis?

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  1. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/reverse-discrimination-at-the-kotel/

  2. given the court's decision today, this might not be necessary.

  3. She is certainly getting closer to my proposed sollution... to have the women go up on Har Habayit.
    Jews seem to only be allowed up there 6 hours a day also.

    Though I read that we may finally be allowed to pray there, and not just visit... yay!

  4. I think all women, reform or not, are banned from the interior portions (on the far left side) of the kotel 24/7. Isn't that correct?


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