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Apr 18, 2013

Interesting Posts #479

1. photos pf a hidden synagogue

2. Temple Mount t-shirt

3. Yom HaAtzmaut favorites in jerusalem

4. Independence Day Flags

5. what would Rabbi Akiva do? Reflections on Yom HaAtzmaut 5773

6. the Lion Hunter of Zion

7. Palestinians nominate site as UNESCO world heritage site... then bulldoze it

8. deconstruction

9. why charedim are so freaked out about the army

10. if you shave with scissors, cow-shaped demons will trample on the corners of your beard

11. nom de plume: a users guide

12. remember when.. there were refuseniks?

13. awkward hugs

14. HaTikvah

15. Rav Moshe Vaye, Rav Eitam Henkin, and extremism

16. why should I bring children into this world?

17. should we make aliya in the middle of the school year?

18. Yom Haatzmaut: Get on the bus

19. Haredi reflections on Israel's Independence Day

20 . yeshiva to honor fallen haredi soldiers

21. how a fake kibbutz was built to hide a bullet factory

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