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Apr 25, 2013

new plan for National Service has Haredim supervising the beaches of Israel

Minister of Environmental Protection Amir Peretz has announced that his ministry is putting together a plan to form a new unit that will function under the National Service plan. This unit will be comprised of hundreds of citizens from the Haredi and Arabs sectors.

Peretz has told the administration of his ministry to prepare a plan to absorb 500 new people from these sectors. The tasks these units will be tasked with will include supervision over extermination in cities, preventing illegal exterminations that could cause health problems, and, this is the best, supervision of the coast and beaches...
(source: Ynet)

I can see it now - Haredim running to volunteer for Sheirut Leumi to supervise the beaches. There will be rabbis in suits and hats wandering up and down the beaches of Israel. filled with bikini-clad females sunbathing.. While I know some people who might love such a job, I can't believe they expect this to work with this crowd as the target of volunteers..

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  1. There's a hysterically funny skit by the classic Israeli comedy troupe "geshash hachiver", where SHAS takes over the lifeguarding services in Tel Aviv. I believe the routine goes in the direction whereby a lifeguard actually drowns a woman because she's wearing a less-than-modest bathing suit. You have to get your hands on it. (or maybe just wait until it becomes a reality according to your post...)


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