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Apr 29, 2013

Interesting Posts #482

1. Lies, damn lies, and Pallywood

2. Lesser known facts and aspects of Lag b'Omer

3. a fortuitous phone call

4. a lesson in kindness from Satmar chasidim

5. Tel Aviv the beautiful

6. bring back an old prohibition

7. Avraham and Sarah's 3800th wedding anniversary

8. Waqf orders, Bibi folds, Feiglin barred from Temple Mount

9. Artscroll achieves another addition

10. Carlebach tyranny

11. Bet Shemesh: pride and promise

12. women on the wall

13. we are all Gil Student

14. Iyar top ten

15. good question on Rabbi Broyde's latest controversy

16. donate to the Lev HaTorah race to benefit Lemaan Achai for my registration

17. rabbonim meeting about youtube uploaded to youtube

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  1. Thank you for including my post!

  2. Simon Lerner on Twitter askes the following question:
    i don't get it. guy writes 179page, well researched, paper. was some unknown 80yr old's hearsay from R' Shach really what was missing? why?!
    — Shimon Lerner (@slerner) April 25, 2013....

    Because the 179 page paper was tainted, while the sage was not.

  3. if someone from here donated to the Lemaan Achai race registration, yasher koach


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