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Apr 23, 2013

MK Porush's and Finance Minister Lapid's exciting Knesset speeches (video)

Here is video from yesterday's Knesset session. We will start with MK Meir Porush's speech, and then move to Finance Minister Yair Lapid's speech. In Porush's speech, he attacks Lapid. In Lapid's speech he gives it back to Porush and the speech gets exciting with many interruptions by the Haredi MKs, and by others, and Lapid goes to town on all of them. In "Life in Israel" terms, this is a speech full of potential QOTDs, both from Lapid and from the Opposition MKs..

Porush (unfortunately the audio is not so clear for much of it):
מאיר פרוש from bhol on Vimeo.


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