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Dec 31, 2013

baggage handler at Ben Gurion arrested for stealing from suitcases

I don't know why I feel joy seeing this news item, but I am sure there are many more like me..

Some baggage handler at Ben Gurion airport was caught on video stealing from the luggage he was handling, and has been arrested. He used stolen credit cards to buy stuff in duty free, and to fill his car with gas. During interrogation he admitted what he had done.
(source: Ynetnews)

I am sure anybody who has traveled only to find stuff missing from his suitcase will also feel happy about this discovery, even though he knows he won't get his stuff back. There is just too big of a dark hole form the time a person parts with his luggage until the time he gets it back, and there has been no way to know what is happening to one's stuff when n that black hole.

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  1. I recall a story in the J-lem Post from the mid 80's about a postal worker who worked on the boats that shipped mail to Europe. He had a "minhag" of picking a random mail bag and, in the middle of the trip, pitching it overboard!
    Ah, the civil service. Doesn't live up to either word.

  2. When traveling to Uman we experienced the Ukrainian airport system. If one of their airport workers would have been caught NOT stealing that would have made the news.

  3. When I made Aliya as a young 23 year old single back in 1982, I was surprised when I opened my suitcase, to find a very nice T shirt on the top of my clothes. I assumed my mother has neaked it in as a surprise present, but when I spoke to her, she did not know anything about it!

  4. hmm, my in-laws just had a bag stolen from them sometime between the time they got on the bus from the airport going to savidor. not related though.

    what an idiot, using a stolen credit card.


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