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Dec 27, 2013

Shalom, Mirembe! (video)

The Abayudaya have been featured here before...

from Youtube:
The Abayudaya Jewish Community of Uganda and Israeli artist Irene Orleansky partnered to create "Shalom, Mirembe!" as part of a music collection from Israelites and Jews of Africa and Asia. For more information and to purchase the CD visit www.ireneorleansky.com The participating Jewish communities receive all proceeds from CD sales. 

Lead singers - Irene Orleansky, J.J. Keki, and Rachman Nagwere 
Dance - Hope Cultural Troupe 
Drums - Jerry Marotta 
Mix - Kirill Malahov at Music Brothers Records 
Mastering - Donal Whela

(some kol isha)

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