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Dec 26, 2013

Knesset calling on Obama to release Pollard

Yesterday the Knesset voted on and will be releasing a statement calling on US President Barak Obama to release Jonathan Pollard.

The call for Pollard's release was practically unanimous, even though only 106 Knesset members voted in favor.

There are actually two letter being sent to Obama, as the Arab MKs are releasing their own statement. They too support, and call on President Obama to release Pollard, but they wanted to say things in their own way.

The decision from the Knesset reads, "The Israeli Knesset is turning to the US President Barack Obama to request, on humanitarian and humanistic grounds, in light of his grave medical condition, to limit the sentence of Jonathan Pollard and order his immediate release. This humanitarian gesture is essential, and even necessary for Israel-US relations at this time."

The Arab MKs also are calling on Obama to release Pollard, but they don't want it connected in any way as a condition for the releasing of senior Palestinian terrorists (pre-Oslo) from Israeli jails.

The Israeli government is really getting behind Pollard nowadays..

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