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Dec 25, 2013

Bet Shemesh elections rumor mill working overtime

I made a mistake the other day. I thought the court's final deadline for announcing a decision in the Bet Shemesh electoral fraud case was going to be December 24, yesterday. It seems that either the real date was December 27, or else it was the 24th and they got a 2 day extension (which is what I heard, but I dont know who gives out these extensions, so it might be wrong or inaccurate).

Anyways, the rumor mills are churning. I did not post any of the rumors until now, but the latest rumor has been reported now on a Haredi news station called Chadashot 24, so I will share it with you. But don't get excited or disappointed, no decision is final until the court announces it, and anythign you hear until then is only a rumor.

The rumor reported says, "Community activist Rav Moshe Berg, activist in Bet Shemesh and confidante of Mayor Moshe Abutbol, in an interview to Chadashot  24: From information that has been leaked in the past few hours, the decision is for new elections in Bet Shemesh, so claims one of the court stenographers. We are preparing for new elections. The official announcement will come tomorrow afternoon."

Again, it is just a rumor, and nobody should bank on it just yet...

And, once we are dealing in rumors, something I usually try to avoid, I might as well mention that this strengthens the rumor that was spread last night. That rumor said that Justice Cheshin has decided for new elections in Bet Shemesh. Without having stated his reasons, those close to him think the decision is based on the moral principles rather than the level of evidence presented. It also said that this decision, which is a precedent, could effect the disputed elections in other cities as well, such as Netivot and Nazareth.

As well, Haredi ournalist Yaakov Rivlin tweeted a few hours ago that information leaking from the court has it that the decision will be announced tomorrow at 12:30pm and the prosecutors office says their information has it that the decision is for new elections.

A different source says the decision will be announced at 2pm tomorrow)

Again, just a rumor at this point. Don't take it to the bank just yet.

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  1. If judges are now deciding things not based on the level of evidence, we are in big trouble.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It should be noted that the reason given for the decision is as much a rumor as the decision itself..

  4. That being said, assuming the rain given is correct,
    1. I agree with you. Judges should be judging evidence
    2. It will surely be appealed
    3. As previously discussed here, the main point of the opposing arguments was the level of proof required. It could be they did base it on evidence, but accepted the argument that a lower level of evidence is required and is enough to show the was an effort to defraud, without having to prove enough successful fraud

    Either way, it seems we will find out tomorrow


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