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Dec 17, 2013

Michal Tchernonsky at conference of leftists (video)

this is interesting because it is unusual. A Haredi woman from Elad, Michal Tchernovsky, spoke at a conference of leftists. She spoke about how sitting together in the opposition is an opportunity for the Haredi community and the community of leftists to come closer together. She herslef is a leftist, and she says so publicly.

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  1. No shortage of idiocy out there, is there?

  2. Not sure who you are, but I fail to see why you feel that calling something idiocy, without offering any sort of analysis, discussion, or opinion, contributes to greater understanding of issues or of each other's differences.

  3. talking about a "peace process", after we have seen all the empirical proofs that such a "process" is much worse than nonsense- is much worse than mere idiocy


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