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Dec 24, 2013

Yossi Beilin did not like Yitzchak Rabin or the way he dealt with the settlers

It turns out Yossi Beilin did not really like Yitzchak Rabin, though of course he was upset at the assassination (he says he cried when he heard news of the assassination, even though he did not like Rabin). In a recent interview, Beilin even gave some backhanded support to the settlement movement, in his criticism of Rabin.

Beilin said on a recent radio show that Rabin had a short fuse and said things regularly without thinking first. Beilin said that is not appropriate for a prime minister. An example, he gave, is how Rabin treated the settlers. He says Rabin did not deal with the settler situation properly, but he would "stam" attack the settlers. If you want to evacuate thousands of people from their homes, you have to do so with sympathy.

I would point out that Rabin never advanced any plans for mass evacuation of people form their homes, though that very well might have eventually happened. the person who did it was Ariel Sharon, not Yitzchak Rabin. From Beilin's words it seems as if Rabin was actually planning such an evacuation.

Very interesting revelations. It seems nobody can be left-wing enough for Yossi Beilin...

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  1. i was here back in the 90s. i don't recall beilin leading delegations to the settlements, in an attempt to open up a dialogue with them.

    beilin also gives the impression of being a chauvinist (shelly is a loud spoken woman). or maybe he is simply an intellectual snob. or both.

  2. Beilin was always an intellectual snob.

    1. At least he was an intellectual.

      Not that I agree with him on almost anything. But he's a thinking person, as opposed to, unfortunately, many of his political opponents. He's a worthy foe

    2. agreed. It happens to be that I have always liked both Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid for their style and intellect, though not for their politics

    3. FWIW, I think Beilin is on a different (higher) level than Sarid, who often acted like a typical Israeli politician.


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