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Dec 27, 2013

Benny Rabinovitz and Eli Cohen debate Bet Shemesh elections (video)

I have heard both Eli Cohen and Benny Rabinovitz (a haredi spokesman recently appointed as spokesman of Rav Shteinman) speak a lot recently on different radio shows.. Everything they say here, I have heard them say time and again in other interviews.

I sort of like this Rabinovitz fellow.He frames the issue here in an interesting way.. my two comments are:
1. I am impressed that he throws criticism at the haredi community, saying that they should stop acting like everything is elections of the shtieble.. even though it won't help (as far as becoming liked by the establishment)
2. he tries to minimize the seriousness. even while admitting there was illegal activity, he plays it down by saying it was not really forgery. forgery is only when a ballot box has 250 voters registered on it but pulls in 300 votes - not when it has the right number of votes but the wrong people were the ones who voted, and its not so bad to let someone else vote for you, though it is illegal....

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