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Dec 26, 2013

help Nahal haredi unit win free fleece jackets

Joseph Kaufman, the company that make fleece jackets, is running a contest on its Facebook page. They will give fleece jackets to an army unit, depending on which units photograph gets the most "Likes".

There are 11 units competing, and while I am sure they are all deserving and they all could make good use of the jackets, I am going to support the Nahal Haredi unit competing for the jackets.

Facebook page of the competition
Facebook page (photo) of the Nahal Haredi unit competing for the jackets

If you use Facebook, go support the soldiers of Nahal Haredi. Like their picture and help them stay warm when out on patrol. As of right now, Nahal Haredi is in 3rd place in the competition.

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