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Dec 23, 2013

PSA: Civil Service opportunity at MDA

I received the following notice and perhaps it might be of interest or relevance to someone here..

MDA in Jerusalem is recruiting civil service people to a variety of positions (e.g. ambulance, office, hotline, etc.).
Somebody interested in this should contact the civi; service coordinator, Moshe Rozmarin, at 054-849-0054.
This Civil Service is designated for yeshiva students above the age of 22 years old, whether married or single.
Two tracks are available:
1. full service - 12 months, 8 hours per day
2. partial service - 24 months, 4 hours per day

No previous training necessary. Over the course of the year, the civil servant will undergo a paramedics course, for free. 

I don't know any more than what is in this notice. If it is relevant to you or to someone you know, best of luck. And, pass it on.

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