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Dec 19, 2013

Haredi fellow returns $200k of found diamonds

This morning it was reported that a young man, a Haredi fellow from Bnei Braq, found in the area of the diamond district in Ramat Gan, a bag full of diamonds. The diamonds found were worth $200,000 (the value was only discovered later).

The finder brought the bag to the legal offices of the Bursa, and it was returned to the owner.

The fellow who lost the bag said he was been transporting the bag of diamonds for polishing. Somehow it got lost and they were unable to locate it, even using the security cameras of the burse. The loss would have even been greater because he says the diamonds were not even his, and he would have had to take out a loan to pay the owner back.

He called the finder a tzaddik and says he gave the fellow a nice amount of money as a reward.

The finder, on the other hand, said this is how he was raised and he was not tempted for even a moment to keep the bag for himself. And that is in addition to the rules of the bursa being that if one finds diamonds it must be returned - meaning if he would have kept it and then discovered, he would have been punished - probably kicked out of the bursa with his membership revoked.
(source: TheMarker)

There are a few interesting elements in the story:

1. that someone returned such a valuable bag of findings, seemingly with no identification markings. He could have walked off with it and [possibly] nobody would have known otherwise. This is a fabulous human interest story.

2. that the loser gave the finder a reward. and it does not say he rejected it so as not to diminish the mitzva. We hear stories all the time about people finding something valuable and rejecting any monetary reward. In this story it does not say he rejected the reward. I am not saying he should have rejected it, but I find it interesting that this is different than the common story.

3. People complain the press only points out that someone in a new story is Haredi when the story is bad. A haredi stole. A haredi spit, A haredi insulted. etc. Here is a good example of a wonderful story and the press reported it including the fact that he is Haredi.

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