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Dec 23, 2013

the staying power of zumba

Have you been wondering what the main topics of discussion in the frum community have been the past few weeks?

The top discussion, I think, based on my observation alone and not on any scientific study, has been: zumba - good or bad

The Zumba issue should not have been more than a blip. It is so unimportant. You feel you need to weigh in go ahead, make your comment, write your article, and move on. The community has focused on it, for about 3 weeks, and the discussion has not abated.. giving it way too much false importance. I am actually amazed watching people fight back and forth, again and again, about Zumba.

It does seem to finally be waning a bit, but I am amazed at how much staying power this topic had, and how it engaged so many people.. Baruch Hashem it is clear we don't have any real issues to worry about.

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  1. From what I saw on Facebook, the majority of people obsessing about Zumba were the empty people that spend the majority of time on "social" media drumming up controversy to make themselves feel relevant in this world. They are best ignored.

  2. Where's this discussion been taking place? I must be living under a rock somewhere, because I haven't heard or seen a peep about it.

    1. facebook, twitter, articles in jewish media, jewish radio shows.. it was all spurred by a shiur from rabbi wallerstein..


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