Dec 5, 2013

Poll on the cause of the current rain storms

So, are the current powerful rains we are experiencing the result of:
a. the Jews of the Diaspora beginning to say "vten tal umatar l'vracha" in Shmoeh Esrei yesterday
b. the Jews of Israel having just started to say the special "aneinu" prayer for rain, as per the decision of the Chief Rabbis?
c. all of the above
d. none of the above
e. other (specify)
What say you?

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  1. A is definitely wrong - they are praying for themselves, not us (that is why they start at a different time).

  2. E. נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן :) :) :)

  3. I think that I'll go for "e", and specify:
    The Army Rabbinate requested (without coercion) that the soldiers pray for rain:,7340,L-4461726,00.html
    When those who have the merit of defending our lives day-in day-out pray for rain, maybe the Good Lord responds more quickly.
    May we be blessed with lots of healthy rain this winter (and every other winter too).

    Happy Last Day of Chanukkah,
    Catriel Lev from RBS-Alef

  4. E - It always rains when my mother visits. She arrived yesterday morning.

  5. photo of President Obama showing off the White House Menurkey at the white house Chanukah Party

  6. B, E (any type of tefilah for rain, at any time during these days, from any true G-d seeker , and specially tzaddikim

  7. My poll about the poll... For those of you who want to say that the actions of humans have anything to do with the rain, do you:
    f. believe that Hashem decides at some point to produce rain clouds because He was satisfactorily petitioned?
    g. believe that Hashem doesn't "decide" but that we have the power to manipulate the ruchani world when we daven?
    h. not really believe that what we do has any effect on whether it rains but nonetheless feel that it's important for us as a community to daven and feel that our davening is being heard?
    i. (other)?

  8. e. they have been 'seeding the clouds' regularly, together with a healthy dose of davening to Hashem.

  9. rafi given the nice rains that have fallen, are falling at this moment, and expected rain and possible snow, has the rabbinate changed its request?

    1. I have not seen sny notice or announcement to that effect. Th eonly thing I did see was that the planned mass-tefilla at the Kotel to pray for rain was canceled.


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