Nov 25, 2014

Amir Benayoun in trouble for his music

Amir Benayoun is under fire for his latest music.

After the terror attack in Jerusalem, Benayoun recorded the following song, called "Jewish blood":

That didn't get him in trouble, though. After that he recorded the following song called "Ahmed loves Israel", about Arab terrorism after taking advantage of the State and receiving all the benefits of our State:

Some, including Professor Kremnitzer, are claiming that Benayoun's song is incitement to racism and to attacks on Arabs.

Benayoun flipped out during an interview in which he was thusly accused. He called the interviewer a hypocrite and said by the same argument she is using against him, she is a murderer because she is inciting people to attack him..:

In response to the accusations and attacks, Benayoun went and recorded the following song, called "Enemy of the State" about how we turned into a murderer:

the response was fast in coming, with the Director fo the President's House canceling Benayoun's upcoming performance that was set to take place next week in front of the President.because his words, though coming from emotion and pain, "do not help calm things down, to put it mildly", and does not fit in line with the work of the President to lower tensions.

Benayoun responded by saying he respects the presidency and loves Rivlin and is happy he is the President of Israel, while Minister Uri Orbach said if Benayoun's performance is canceled, he will reject his invitation tot he event.

I am impressed with Benayoun's ability to be inspired and produce a song so quickly after an event, with regularity. Considering that he did not call for murder or to attack Arabs, but just spoke of what had happened and what the atmosphere is, I am surprised he is being treated the way he is. It seems people cannot talk about arabs in Israel anymore and what they do without it being called incitement.

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  1. I feel relieved we have such brave people in Israel speaking up for the Jewish side! Rivlin already deserves a demerit.

  2. A big yasher koach to Amir Benayoun for his courage and righteousness for speaking TRUTH, something that is very rare today with practically everyone trying to be politically correct, even at the expense of Jewish lives. The professor Kremnitzer, typical of most professors, 99% of whom are radical leftists, are the ones throughout history who cause most of the violence, hatred and real racism. Their 'wisdom' is about incitement, but making sure they pin the blame on the good guy. Benayoun's songs are great and so is his voice, and so is, obviously, his character.


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