Nov 20, 2014

carrying your phone on Shabbos

One of the immediate results of the brutal terror attack in Jerusalem the other is a higher level of consciousness regarding security.

People are pressuring police to check constructions sites or gathering spots for Arab workers, and make sure all workers are legal and safe. In Ashkelon the mayor said he won't allow Arab workers, which might be impossible and a bit overboard, but that's what he said. The number of security guards will surely be increased in public areas.

Most interestingly, the Rav of Ramot D, Rav Mendel Fuchs, has instructed his congregants that for safety purposes they should come to shul with their cellphones in their pants pockets, in case something should God forbid happen. If there is any question of a safety issue , the police should immediately be called, and not even with the employment of a shinui.
source: Kikar 

I guess this is the type of situation when that Shabbos App would come in handy..

And, no, I don't think you are allowed to check Faecbook or email during the long mussaf, between aliyahs, or during the rabbi's speech.

I dont know if the above psak applies only to kosher cellphones or if you can carry even non-kosher cellphones. Ask your local Orthodox rabbi.

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  1. this has been the psak in efrat/YOSH for years. however this morning rav david yosef stated on the radio that carrying around a cell phone is assur because of muktza. rather, he said that there should be a limited number of phones kept in shul where everyone knows where they are. in the event of an emergency people can get to them and call for help.

    he didn't explain what people should do if something happens on the street. maybe run to an apartment and call? he also didn't explain the difference between a cell phone and a gun. regarding the latter he felt that anyone able to should get a license and come to shul packing.

    lastly, rav yosef ruled against rav moshe's famous psak and said that women should not get guns

  2. I daven in Rav Fuch's shul. I think the psak applies only to Ramot, and maybe specifically to our shul, because there was a security warning in the past. A group of potential terrorists were apprehended with plans of a terrorist attack on the shul in their hands (or so the story goes). And like you, many people in the shul are making jokes about it.

  3. See how Rav David Yosef Shlit"a answers this question:

    At Kikar

  4. Also, any day now, I expect the Knesset to enact a new law that will outlaw cellphone jammers.

    1. as far as I know, it is already illegal. that does not mean everyone keeps the law, like by any olaw, but I thinkit is illegal.

      BTW, there are rumors the shul has a cell jammer. I dont know if that is true or not. I know there is no reception the shul, but it doesnt necessarily mean there is a jammer.


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