Nov 12, 2014

All of Judaism in Yerucham depends on it

It's just the way they are. They know no other slogan. There can be no other slogan. With Degel Hatorah it is all or nothing. Everything is a fight for the salvation of Judaism. There is nothing that is ever less than all of Judaism.

Kikar reports that Degel representatives from around the country went to Yerucham to show support for the Haredi reps there as the city goes to elections.. of course the Yerucham elections are critical and are no less than the salvation of all of Judaism in Yerucham. It is not just one more or less vote - it is the future of the existence of Judaism in Yerucham!

There can be no less.

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  1. Dude, I may not agree with everything, or even most everything, in Degel HaTorah's platform/hashqafah.

    But, seriously, I can think of a heck of a lot worse things to fight for. If nothing else, Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel keep Judaism on the agenda. I believe that was the main factor which caused the Agudah to sign the Megilath HaAtzma'uth (and Netura Karta's split), no?

    Does the Jewish Home Party keep Judaism on the agenda? I think not. At best, it's debatable. I suppose it depends on ones own personal definition of "Judaism."

  2. That's entirely not the point.

    If the Rav chosen is D'L -Yiddishkeit is till strong, central and vibrant. Not every or most D'L Rabbonim are card members of Bayit Yehudi or even agree with their legislation. The point is the financial budget is now in the hands of Rabbonim that may - HEAVEN FORBID hire a DL Dayan, Mashgiach, Mikvah director, shul Rabbi etc....

    1. Would you trust a Cherlow or an Aviner as a Dayan? Oy! We all saw (I hope) how Rav Sherman was completely silenced, even after offering halakhic support for his position against R' Drukman, and the ruling by the secular court was praised by the DL! This is the DL attitude. :-/

      Although the new "ger toshav" of the Chief Rabbinate may make heter mekhira less problematic, still according to Rav Kook himself, our current economic situation does not warrant any "heter." (Did Rav Rimon cover that, or the censored sources Rav Kook had access to?)

      But, why would a DL rabbi care about what Rav Kook said? (sarc.)

      Thus, I wouldn't trust mashgihim who rely on such nonsense.

      Don't worry. There is plenty of hypocrisy to spread around.

    2. Rafi
      Why do you allow this person to comment on your blog with his disgusting comments and sickening attitude against any Rav that he does not agree with?
      There has to be a limit to "free speech"? That limit should at least be mocking and ridculing rabanim and groups of Jews.

    3. Disagree with?

      I do not operate based on Western exilic "feelings." I operate based on halakhic reality and observations. NOTHING in the above is assur for me to state.

      It's all here: Questions About Aviner

      Hint: Documents submitted to a Beth Din, and made public by that Beth Din, are not lashon Hara. Quite the opposite in fact.

    4. So basically you are claiming that if there is a website that mocks and ridicules a rav and talmid chochom, then its mutter for you to continue to publish that garbage??
      You are an A******!

    5. [Verified] Documents from R' Mordechai Eliyahu's ztz"l Beth Din, which included R' Avraham Shapira ztz"l, R' Ya'aqov Yosef ztz"l, and R' Lior are garbage?

      THESE men are Hakhamim. (uh-hem!)

      And YOU are the one calling ME names?


      If you want to keep the wool pulled over you eyes (like the guv'mint wants), then that's your choice.

      I've done my best.

  3. "All of Judaism" depends on it . Translation -- we need political power to transfer money from ordinary working citizens to non-working voluntarily poor kolel students. You learn a thing or two after 12 years in Ramat Beit Shemesh

    1. Like I said in the above comment, there is plenty of hypocrisy (and corruption) to go around.

      Please, do not get me started on Ramat Bet Shemesh!

      Ramat Bet Shemesh C Residents Get Upset. Boo-Hoo!

  4. this is all off-topic. I have no doubt that in a city with Haredim, the Haredim should have representation. I have no doubt that the Haredi parties would do their part in strengthening Judaism in the town.

    the point of the post was that in their electioneering they turn everything into armageddon. without us there will be no judaism, and only we will protect judaism.

  5. (Did Rav Rimon cover that, or the censored sources Rav Kook had access to?)

    Those interested in a superb, well researched sefer on SHMITTAH with "Maer mikomos, letters & proclamations" should get hold of Rav Rimon's sefer on SHMITTA. Published in Hebrew and English.


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