Nov 16, 2014

The journey to the orange beret (video)

this is an interesting look at a soldiers journey to achieving his orange beret. Orange is the color of the Home Front command unit.

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  1. Those kids don't get the admiration that the combat units get; but they do some serious training for their assigned tasks. A few years back we did a disaster medicine course that included an evening seeing what the Home Front Search and Rescue teams could do. It was very impressive. A much higher level of professionalism than what we would have seen 30 years ago.

  2. Prestige usually comes with time. The paratroopers and Golani have time and also tens of thousands of veterans while the other brigades are newer or have less.

    IMO, perhaps the Home Front should be merged into the Engineering brigade which also, despite its age, is not too prestigious and even when you are there, morale is not high. A combined Engineering unit could develop an image of professionalism and also to offer a career path for after the army.


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