Nov 25, 2014

Coffee for a shekel

this even beats Coffix!

Tzippi Hotovely has put together a program working in coordination with all the gas stations... if you are driving during the night, between midnight and 6am, you can stop in any gas station an dget a cup of coffee for just 1 shekel! The goal is to minimize road accidents.

Kol hakavod.

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  1. ...or enable our addiction to caffeine. :-/

    BTW, who's paying for it?

    You and me. :-/

  2. you and me, but it is probably cheaper than what we'd have to pay for the medical system to treat the victims of traffic accidents.

  3. Yeah, I figured you'd say that, and you're not wrong.

    I just think it's a band-aid. Let's get people to take responsibility for their actions.

  4. Driving around the western US, we used to see free coffee stops set up at rest stops. Similar idea and motivation. Preventative medicine is usually a better idea. Those stops were usually manned and supplied by volunteers, so no direct cost to the taxpayer.


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