Nov 12, 2014

VP Biden says he is still buddies with Bibi (video)

Biden was always a funny guy.. after the first few minutes, he gives a very powerful speech (and a fascinating story at the end)

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  1. He ends his speech by saying:

    "Our obligation is to make sure that there is always a place to go."

    Is this a classic Biden faux pas or is he saying that he wants Jews out of Israel?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Corrected Comment:
    Biden is always funny, as Rafi says.
    If he actually had an intelligent undestanding of the issues as well, it could be a winning combination for him as Vice President!

    Then again, with Kerry as Secretary of State, what can we expect from the powerless ofice of Vice President! ;-)

    Catriel Lev, RBS-Alef


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