Nov 27, 2014

Quote of the Day

It is clear that with all the declarations about changing the law and the status quo, there are no such plans in actuality, but the declaration itself does something in the Muslim world. .. the job of the police is to safeguard the rights of everybody, and not just of the Jews.

  -- Police Chief Yochanan Danino, when saying that in his opinion all MKs should be barred form Har Habayit and he especially criticized Feiglin for going up and causing a provocation with his presence.

1. they need to safeguard everybody's rights and not just the rights of the Jews. But shouldn't they also protect the rights of the Jews and not just the rights of everyone else?
2. what right's of everyone else are being protected here? The Arabs have a right to not allow Jews to go to Har Habayit, let alone to pray there? The Arabs are allowed up with almost complete freedom to do as they wish. What right of theirs needs protecting?

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  1. Even worse - Danino doesn't seem to have any problems with Muslims who want to entirely prevent Jews from going up, i.e., to change the status quo.

  2. The Arabs and the police are a bunch of crybabies. Some Jews walk around Har Habayit, whisper a few prayers - even flash a religious article, and suddenly the Arabs can't control themselves and have to throw firebombs. This makes the police look bad, so they blame the Jews too.


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