Nov 27, 2014

Israel banishes families of Har Nof terrorists

I am happy to see that Minister of Interior Gilad Erdan has taken my advice. Just a few days ago I suggested one of the ways to punish terrorists that might be effective as a layer of deterrence would be to banish the families of terrorists from Israel, ala Yitzchak Rabin, and take away any social rights they have.

Sure enough, 2 days later, Erdan has announced that he is banishing the families of the Har Nof terrorists and revoking all their social benefits.

Unfortunately they are being banished to Gaza. In Gaza they will surely be fast-tracked to radicalism and join Hamas or whatever other groups train kids to be martyrs. They should be banned from Gaza and Israel, and should be banished to somewhere like a Lebanese hilltop, Syria, maybe even Jordan, if not further away (the North Pole?).

Those kids are potentially future terrorists, as they will grow up very upset at the State of Israel, but they probably already were anyway...

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  1. Caroline Glick's idea is better than yours, I think:

  2. I have no doubt whatsoever that this policy will eventually be used against Jews. I also have no doubt that the definition of "terrorist" will eventually become a loose one, especially as it will be applied to Jews. Time to stop trusting in governments.

    Is a Law to Deport Terrorists Really Good for Israel?


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