Nov 24, 2014

Feiglin explains the Jewish State bill (video)

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  1. Kremnitzer is a pitiful demagogue who is ignorant of how the notion 'democracy' actually plays out in the many and different democratic countries of the world. One example being that several of those countries have a legally established 'state church' (though not the USA, of course).

    His abuse of the term Mishpat HaIvri is another example of his willful distortion. If he is ANY sort of scholar, he must know that Mishpat HaIvri is a notion that has been deeply explored and written about by some of Israel's finest legal scholars, most notably Prof. Menahem Elon who published a monumental work by the same name.

    But Kremnitzer is a demogogue who doesn't care about such distinctions and nuances. He's just interested his post-Zionist, post-Judaic ideology.


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