Nov 20, 2014

Learn to Love [The Portnoy Brothers] (video)


As we release our debut single we were conflicted as to whether or not we should delay the release further. Jerusalem’s heart is bleeding. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and families struck by recent horrifying terror attacks.

This is a battle of dark vs light. We have to believe in the strength of humanity as difficult as it may be in such dark times. We have no choice but to reach out and to form a coalition with anyone and everyone who seeks light, humanity, compassion and the development of civilization.

We must not tolerate violence. What we must do is spread sweetness where there is evil and shine light where there is dark.

What we can do is Learn to love more, share more, smile more…be more.

This is not a political message. This is a human one. If we fail to reach out to the other, we fail in our humanity.

This is our song "Learn to Love”, accompanied by the video, shot in Jerusalem.
May joy and light be restored to Jerusalem speedily. We hope this can contribute in some way.

It will also be available for the first 24 hours on free download here.

With love from broken hearted Jerusalem the Golden,
praying for peace…
The Portnoy Brothers

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