Nov 24, 2014

the Eida donut (sufganiya) guide

With sufganiya season upon us, the Eida has released its donut guide, to ensure you know what you are buying, under the Eida hechsher. The Rabbanut released its donut guide a few weeks ago..

The Eida guide is fairly simple. Any sufganiya under the Eida hechsher, no matter what filling is inside the donut, will be pareve if there are no frosted lines atop the sufganiya. Even chocolate frosting is pareve, if there are no lines on it.

Any Eida sufganiyot that have frosted lines across the top will be dairy.

Additionally, all Eida sufganiyot will be mezonot, as they are either deep fried or made with fruit juices.


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  1. Much better idea.

    BUT - don't they have to have Rabbanut in order to have a "higher" hashgacha as well? So they have to have the filling coming out of the top AND white lines? There go the aesthetics...

  2. I thought the filling always comes out of the top, because they stick the needle in to get the filling in there.

  3. That should be simple, G-d willing. I really hate the fact that so many things are dairy, which people take for granted are parve.

  4. it specifies white chocolate frosted lines. I think that means that there may be brown chocolate frosted lines on parve donuts.

  5. How much flour is in a soufgania? IOW, after how many will I need to say bircat hamazon?


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