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Oct 19, 2021

a sad ending to a sad story

The little Jewish child in the United Kingdom, Alta Fixler, was taken off life support yesterday and died. Her parents battle to save her and leave her on life support, even by moving to another country, failed and the courts ruled against their efforts and challenge and ordered life support to be stopped.

The issue is complex. The child had no life and future, facing endless years on life support, while the parents felt that her spiritual life is more important and every additional moment alive is important, even if on life support. There does not seem to be a good decision, either way. With the decision behind us, perhaps the courts did everyone a favor, in retrospect. As always, I am happy these decisions are not in my hands.

As Alta Fixler is due to be buried in Israel tonight, it is a sad ending to a sad story.

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  1. The court decision was the epitome of immorality. As MK Eichler recently commented, it was Sedom-like.

    The UK government just proved that:
    1) they have no value for human life (even such a life is a human life)
    2) they have the final say on the decisions made for a child and not the child's parents - another immoral behavior
    3) they could have washed their hands from the decision and allowed the baby to be cared for elsewhere, but they chose the path of cruelty instead.

    They did no one a favor - except maybe showing Jews that it's time to move out of that G-d-forsaken country.


    1. Well, if they're paying for it, then yes, they have a say on 2. But 3's the kicker here.

  2. In the UK, it seems they think they control the children (democtscy). Theor former(?)
    possessions seem to be the most draconian compared to other countries. This is the height of evil and immorality!


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