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Oct 14, 2021

nobody to blame but themselves

The Haredi politicians of UTJ and Shas have been complaining a lot about policies put forth by the government that go against what the Haredim would want to see happen. To that end, there is no cooperation (at least not officially) between the Haredi MKs and the government as the Haredi MKs officially refuse to speak with the government (though a couple of them seem to be doing so unofficially, at least a bit). The sensitivities and preferences of the Haredi community are largely not being taken into account because of this.

The politicians have the right to take whatever approach they think is right, even if I think it is wrong. But there is a price to pay. They are getting upset over every little thing, but refusing to talk to the relevant minister to change relevant points. they somehow think they are serving their people better by boycotting the government, but when these policies pass to the disliking of the Haredi community, they will have nobody to blame but themselves. The non-haredi, and even some anti-haredi, politicians cannot really be blamed for not setting policy the way the Haredim want - that is natural because the Haredim are not int eh government affecting policy, but the Haredi politicians can be blamed for not using their influence, even if limited in the Opposition, to include changes.

The latest example is the decision by Ministers Shaked and Elkin to reverse the decision to redirect a town near Karmei Gat for the Haredi public and to design it for the general public, while at the same time designating Kasif in the south near Arad for the Haredim as was originally planned (and later changed). The Haredi MKs are very upset about this change, but they have refused to sit down with government representatives to talk about it. When the cities go up (though they may never actually go up) and get sold to buyers and communities, the MKs will have nobody to blame but themselves. Elkin and Shaked are looking out for their voters and for what they think is best. If the Haredi MKs dont try to persuade them for some compromise or change, it is not going to happen.

Sure, take the approach of banning the government. But there are repercussions to that, just like there are to any other approach.

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