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Oct 13, 2021

Let My People Go.. to Iran!

According to reports, the Lev Tahor group (aka cult) of weirdos and crazies and extremists is trying to evade the law again and leave Guatemala for Iran. They figure they will be left alone to their own crazy behavior in Iran, some of which might be similar enough to parts of local society there. They just want the authorities to leave them alone, to leave them be, to live in peace and quiet the way they want according to their own ideology and beliefs. Sounds almost idyllic. 

the reports also say that authorities in the United States and Israel are working to thwart these plans and prevent them from moving to Iran.
sources: TOI and Behadrei

I dont know why. The idea being bandied about is that if they end up in Iran, Iran could take them hostage, so to speak, and use them as a bargaining chip. I am not sure for what, but ok. I guess to make Israel do things or not do things, threatening violence against these people. 

this is unclear because there are Jews in Iran and Iran could just as easily take them and hold them as a bargaining chip. Maybe because the Lev Tahor people hold a mix of Israeli, US and Canadian citizenships so it obligates those countries more to defend and protect their citizens?

I would say let them go. Good riddance. Enjoy your life in Iran. Do it with a disclaimer that if they get stuck in trouble there we won't come for you. You are on your own and you are moving to Iran against our warnings and instructions and waive any rights to make us fight for you. 

Like I said about letting the Breslavers travel to Uman for Rosh Hashana, Let my people go! We cannot force people to make good decisions. If they think their lives will be better off in iran, gei gezundeheit. Wash our hands of them and bon voyage!


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1 comment:

  1. Another reason not to let them go is that if a member wants out in the future, it will be much harder to leave.


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