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Oct 20, 2021

stock up on disposables

Osher Ad posted the following announcement to their social groups (Telegram, Facebook etc), and it is relevant to everyone in Israel in general, not just shoppers of Osher Ad:

The notice says that based on the government's decision, on November 1, 2021 the price of disposable goods will increase dramatically due to a new tax being levied to the tune of 11nis per 1kg, which will lead to a doubling of the price of disposable goods.. they recommend that people stock up now on goods before the tax goes into effect to have enough for as long as possible.

This isnt going to make the tax meaningless because people will buy a bit extra now in the final days of the month, but most people won't be able to stock up so much that they'll buy it all now instead of later....

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  1. I wonder if they can come up with a plan to have a year worth of items sold now with a payment plan and then they hold on to it for "delivery" throughout the year.

  2. What a terrible evil decree shrouded in environmental concern, meant to punish the Chareidim. May this government fall fast!

    1. Yeah, meant to punish charedim. Give me a break. The world doesn't revolve around you.


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