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Oct 18, 2021

free ads to replace defaced ads with women

Mayor of Ramat Gan Carmel Shama Cohen reportedly responded to an incident of a billboard in Ramat Gan being defaced and ripped down due to the image of a woman being on it saying that for every sign vandalized and defaced or removed, two more will be put up free of charge. The hooligans will achieve exactly the opposite of what they wanted.

While I am happy someone "in power" is taking a stand on this, it is actually like the tzniyus signs. No matter how often the authorities take them down, they get put back up with a vengeance, in greater numbers. The signs will continue to be defaced, maybe even at a faster pace. The Iryah will be paying the price by advertising for free and losing revenue at a fast clip and eventually will just stop fighting about this. 

But at least he is trying 

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