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Oct 20, 2021

Tweet of the Day

The Lieberman Decrees 5782:
In Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael they are preparing for the sharp increase in prices of disposables dishware and are pre-empting it with a solution. Today the first batch of 11 pallets of disposable dishware, enough for 6 months. In the coming days more will arrive.

There were some good/interesting/witty responses to this. the best was maybe Avigdor Lieberman's tweet, asking, have you never heard of a dishwasher? Even without a dishwasher, it is probably cheaper to hire a Sudanese worker to wash the dishes if a dishwasher isnt realistic for the amount of boys they have to feed. When I was in yeshiva they didnt use disposables. Maybe today is different.

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  1. Lieberman had nothing to do with this. I guess he's just their favorite object of hate.

  2. Compared to the decrees of old, like the Tsars or the Romans, a tax on plastic plates seems, err, trivial.

  3. The reason why Yeshivas started using plasticware is because of the realization that there were Too-many-times when the non-Jewish kitchen-workers mistakenly washed meat silverware together with dairy silverware - making everything Treif - which is nearly-impossible to stop in advance unless you hire a Mashgiach to check every single piece of silverware in advance - which is even-more expensive than using disposable utensils. (I still remember the "silverware crisis" which existed in the Yeshivas in Eretz Yisro'ail when I was a student there about 43 years ago - and I felt Tremendously Relieved when I went back to Eretz Yisro'ail (about 22 years later) and I discovered that this silverware-crisis had been solved by using plasticware.)

    1. interesting. never heard this. thanks. what was the "silverware crisis"? I was in an Israeli yeshiva 30 years ago with about 120 students and they used the classic blue hard plastic plates and regular silverware. It was a religious Jew working in the kitchen at the time so no issue of the goy messing up. I suggested hiring a Sudanese because it seems that today that is what is common for menial work in yeshivas from the ones I have been in more recently

    2. Kashering silverware is pretty simple, and it's almost impossible to make food treif by using the "wrong" silverware - so what was the crisis? I'm not suggesting that one shouldn't be careful, but it definitely sounds overblown.

    3. So get two types of silverware. Like every family has.

      By the way, the country is called "Israel."


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