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Oct 13, 2021

The desecration of a meshumad

There is some weird story happening in Berlin. 

The brief report is that a Neo Nazi Holocaust Denier was buried adjacent to a Jewish grave, so the Jewish community is demanding his body be moved.

For more details, the BBC explains. The Jewish grave is empty, as the body of the Jewish man buried there, Professor Max Friedlaender, was moved to another grave site over 40 years ago, though the original headstone/tombstone is still there. the cemetery in question is a Protestant cemetery. Even though Friedlaender was a Jew, he was a member of the Protestant Church.

The Bishop has called it a terrible mistake. The records had recorded Friedlaender as a Protestant, so did not realize to not bury HafenMayer the Neo Nazi there, though the family had initially wanted a more central plot but was rejected due to the numerous Jewish graves in that area.

The expected calls of this being an outrage, a desecration of the memory and grave of a Jew, have all been used in an attempt to encourage the powers that be to move Hafenmayer's grave. 
sources: Behadrei, BBC

I don't care what happens to the Neo Nazi. move his grave, cremate him, piss on his grave, keep him where he is, whatever. The Nazi can rot in hell.

the thing is I also am not moved much by the problem here.

Friedlaender was a meshumad. he was a member of the Protestant Church. he considered himself a Protestant. On that alone I am not sure there is really much desecration in burying a Neo Nazi next to him. Additionally, this isnt a Jewish cemetery, so I am not sure why it is more of a desecration to bury a Neo Nazi next to him rather than any other non-Jew, and presumably in a non-Jewish Protestant cemetery non-Jews are likely buried near Jews.

Second, Friedlaender was not a Holocaust victim. Friedlaender died in 1934, before the Holocaust. This isnt a case of a Neo Nazi being buried next to the body of a Holocaust survivor or victim which would be considered outrageous.

Third, Friedlaender is not even buried there. The grave is empty. 

I don't care what happens to the Neo Nazi, but I am unmoved by the supposed desecration to the memory of the meshumad. If his body was moved 40+ years ago, in my opinion they can easily solve the problem by also moving the grave marker, the headstone. he was a meshumad so I am not sure there is any desecration at all, but if there is because of the headstone, just move the headstone and put near the actual final grave.

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  1. Well said. The "desecration" is of an empty grave, of an apostate yet. Hardly something to get worked up over.

  2. In Germany, (except for the military and well known personalities) burial is temporary for 15 to 30 years. Afterward the body is removed and the grave is reused. This is what probably happened to Mr. Friedlaender. Sounds strange, but you can google it. This, probably does not apply to existing Jewish cemeteries. Hard to believe, but you can google it.


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