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Oct 24, 2021

murder in the Corona ward

The butler did it!

Someone died of Corona, and the family had the chutzpa to mark on her tombstone that she was murdered by Beilinson Hospital in the Corona ward. Unless someone held a pillow over her face, this is a tremendous chutzpa.

The doctors and nurses and other staff in all the hospitals have been dedicated and working tirelessly to save people's lives, even when they don't do the basics on their own to give themselves as much protection as possible.

According to Beilinson Hospital, without breaking patient privacy and revealing who this was, they did say that this woman was not vaccinated, had heart and lung trouble, and had been treated at home for a long time despite being ill and was only brought to the hospital when her situation was very dire, but the staff treated her with tremendous dedication.

According to recent news reports on  Twitter, Beilinson Hospital has now filed a complaint with the police about this as incitement to violence (presumably against Beilinson staff members).

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  1. The hospital should sue the chevra kadisha, and whoever engraved the matzeiva.

  2. I wish that there was a way the the medical infrastructure in Israel could create a "no care" list for the family of this woman.

    The women died of "Suicide by Corona", as did anyone else who was offered the vaccine and refused it and subsequently died of their stupidity. The fact that the family try to blame the dedicated hospital staff for her death should disqualify them for any medical treatment in any hospital in Israel.
    Unfortunately this response is both immoral and illegal, so the family are free to treat her tombstone like Facebook Post from their crazy uncle, and there is nothing the hospital can do about it.

  3. Boy, their hipaa laws must be pretty lax!
    "מבלי להפר את החיסיון הרפואי של המנוחה, נציין רק שמדובר באישה מבוגרת ולא מחוסנת שהובאה לבית החולים לאחר שטופלה בביתה זמן משמעותי, התקבלה עם התקף לב ותסחיף ריאתי ונפטרה עם מחלת קורונה סוערת. צוות מחלקת הקורונה טיפל בה במסירות אין קץ ותוך ליווי ושיח מתמיד עם המשפחה".
    Right. Her name's right there on the matzeiva, and they say "Without breaking medical privacy rules..." How's that again? Exactly what WOULD comprise "breaking medical privacy rules?"

  4. The only incitement to violence I see is השס יקום דמה.

    Is that phrase criminal in the State of Israel?

    1. couldnt the statement on the stone itself that she was murdered by the hospital be seen as a possible call to violence in avenging her murder?

    2. Is something that vague enough to bring a criminal charge against someone in Israel? It certainly would not be in America.

    3. I do not know but I guess we will find out. They filed a complaint, it does not mean criminal charges will be brought.

  5. to be fair... https://hm-news.co.il/210951/

    the husband claims she did not have corona and tested negative before going to the hospital. he says it was the hospital who claimed she had corona even though she didnt but never shared information with the family. he himself is vaccinated but she was not because of pressure by family members. he says that he was opposed to putting this on the stone but the son in law insisted and the son in law even paid for it himself.

    sounds to me like the son in law might be responsible for her death at the end of the day...

  6. I think these insuations towards a Jewish woman who passed on is a chilul H'. Anything the family agreed to write on the stone should be accepted and it is their business alone, no one else's. The only decent comment here that I've read is from bored lawyer.

  7. UPDATE: after being threatened with a lawsuit the family had marble slabs placed over the offensive wording in order to cover it up and "remove it" from the tombstone....



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