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Oct 31, 2021

inexperience rather than malice

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) had some interesting criticism of the budget that is seemingly being passed - or actually of the people passing the budget. 

Gafni said that this is a bad budget by all measures - everything that the government refused to pass in the past is included. Everything the Finance Ministry clerks and officials demanded the government pass, they did. Gafni said, I thought there would be some courageous people there (no he didnt) , but there arent. They dont realize they can pass the budget without giving in to every demand of the Finance Ministry...They are afraid of Lieberman and every vote counts...

This is a harsh indictment, on one hand, by Gafni,  of the coalition members but it is also good in some regards. They are inexperienced and perhaps gave in to demands of the Finance Ministry that were previously rejected,  all due to their inexperience. 

That's ok, or at least not the end of the world. We all knew they were inexperienced. It is a whole crop of new politicians, not Netanyahu and his people any longer. By definition they have no experience, as they have not been running the government ever until just a few months ago. Inexperience we can, hopefully, survive. And they'll gain experience as time goes on.

Gafni blaming it all on inexperience also means though that it is simply inexperience and not being done out of malice or hatred to a specific community. Yes, some of the taxes and new policies, if they pass, might affect one community a bit more than others (while other policies will surely affect others more), but Gafni is saying it is based on inexperience and not malice. Malice is much worse.

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