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Oct 12, 2021

giving Stern a pass

This seeming willingness to overlook and ignore what Elazar Stern said the other day is somewhat outrageous. Stern said that while in the army he ignored anonymous complaints of sexual harassment and put them in the shredder. He has since somewhat qualified that statement trying to explain what he meant. The political leadership in the center and left, has expressed at most support for him, and at least not said anything against him. This is especially egregious from the leadership of his own party, Yesh Atid, as Yair Lapid has said in the past that Yesh Atid has a zero tolerance policy on these matters. 

Stern might be innocent and might just be guilty of misspeaking. I don't know. It is possible. Even if so, his political partners are giving him a pass on this way too easily.

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