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Oct 11, 2021

the premier example of traitorous democracy

The Likud is so funny. 

One minute they (Miki Zohar today, one of the Likud leaders) are saying the Likud is a democratic party, possibly the only democratic party in Israel, with real primaries. They take great pride in having primaries in which anybody can run, anyone can challenge the current leader (Benjamin Netanyahu), anyone can throw his hat in the ring and try to sway the people to let him or her lead them. So one minute they are saying very proudly how democratic the Likud is and that anyone who thinks they can beat Netanyahu should run against him in the primaries.

And the next minute they are saying that Yuli Edelstein, who tonight announced he will challenge Netanyahu in upcoming primaries, is a traitor to the Likud, shooting inside the tank while the Likud is fighting the evil government, Yuli might be abandoning the Likud, etc.

So you can and should run in primaries if you want to lead, you should challenge the leader, but if you do you are a traitor to the party, a backstabber and should be chased out of the party.

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  1. Of course, Katz, Amsalem, Regev, et. al. all want to be in charge themselves. (Which is why, for example, Amsalem is pushing this anti-Barkat law.) They're just waiting for...I dunno, Bibi to die and with his dying breath anoint one of them as his most loyal successor or something.

    The Likud without Bibi will be an interesting place, especially if it chases off Edelstein and Barkat into the arms of Yamina first.

  2. that is definitely true but they all take about leading Likud after the days of Netanyahu. None of them want to challenge him. They have a point. nobody can beat Netanyahu, as of right now. netanyahu is too popular. Edelstein's approach seems not to challenge Netanyahu directly but by saying the Likud wont return to power until Netanyahu is gone. He is hoping that will entice voters to vote for him, so Likud can come back to power. one on one, Edelstein (or anyone else) against Netanyahu, they all know Netanyahu wins easily.
    That is why Miri Regev recently said she wants to head the Likud, but only after Netanyahu is gone.
    And I think none of them want to be subjected to the vile campaigns Netanyahu and his people run, turning opponents into traitors and digging up all sorts of mud.

  3. Funny comment, Rafi. Thank you.


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