Feb 2, 2023

Picture of the Day

a group of 10 horses (two groups of 5) were seen galloping down the highway, Highway 5, today, with the owner riding one of them. The owner was frantic, calling out for help from the police. It seems the horses somehow got loose and went for a run and he couldnt get them under control. The horses got loose form their compound in the Tzahala neighborhood of Tel Aviv and went out for their run towards Ramat Hasharon. 

I didn't hear details but supposedly the rider eventually got them under control and reigned them in.

People think living in the Middle East means there are camels all over the place. Horses, not so much.

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  1. The horses heard that this Shabbos we will iy"h lein ס֥וּס וְרֹֽכְב֖וֹ רָמָ֥ה בַיָּֽם. And they thought, "No way, I'm outta here."

  2. One year we were watching the Jerusalem Marathon- it may have been the first year- and suddenly a flock of sheep came running through with the runners at a fast clip. We all cracked up. A bit later one last sheep came through, and we all cracked up. And finally an Arab shepherd came frantically running, trying to catch them.

    It turned out that when the runners came through the Tayelet, a bunch of sheep saw them and, being sheep, decided to run along with them. We saw them in Rechavia, which is quite a distance. Apparently they ran all the way to the finish line, where the shepherd finally caught up with them and took them all back.

    1. nice but the question is, was the shepherd or any of the sheep granted a medal upon crossing the finish line?

    2. If I were the sheep, I'd rather have a reprieve from being someone's dinner.


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