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Jun 21, 2023

calm down, stop being so angry

Some people always look angry. It is just the way they look. Maybe they have a nearly permanent scowl, maybe it is the way they contort their face when they talk. Yair Lapid is an example of that to me - he seems to always look angry. Yaakov Asher always seems to look angry to me as well. Some people look angry, and some people take it further and act angry, and talk very aggressive and violently. Yitzchak Pindrus often looks angry, or on the verge of anger, but he seems to be extreme with his anger and his approach to things he doesnt like.

Way back when Pindrus said he would take a D9 bulldozer and bulldoze the Supreme Court. In an interview now with Channel 12 Pindrus said  "The most dangerous thing for the State of Israel, more than ISIS and Hezbollah is the" LGBTQ+ community. If it were up to me, I would prevent not just the pride march but also the whole movement."

That is a bad thing for a government member to say in a liberal democracy. So bad that Netanyahu had to denounce it saying that what Pindrus said is not acceptable and the government headed by PM Netanyahu is committed to safeguarding the freedom of the individual and protecting the rights of minorities

Pindrus needs to calm down a bit, stop being so angry.

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