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Jun 29, 2023

Tweet of the Day

Minister of Information (aka Minister of Public Diplomacy, aka in Hebrew for clarity שרת ההסברה) tweeted:
So Why is Israel's image so negative out in the Western world?
Here is one of the main reasons:
In Israel a limited handful of writers of foreign agencies are active.
This handful, numbering a little more than 100 people, finances all the media outlets in the world.
They dictate the news about Israel and influence the public opinion of hundreds of millions of viewers in Europe

Maybe Distel should be called Minister of DIsinformation of Minister of Consipracy Theories.

Maybe she, as part of her job, should stop worrying about judicial reform and the like and let the judicial and legal people responsible for that worry about while she worries about her responsibilities and get our good name out there. I wish all the ministers would focus a bit on their areas of responsibility and get things done. Not all of them are needed to worry about judicial reform and bringing Deri back into office. Let the Communications Minister worry about communications, let the Health Minister worry about improving the health system, let the minister of culture and sport worry about promoting culture and Israeli athletes, and they can all do what they were appointed to do. Judicial Reform isnt the end all of Israeli politics, and they dont need to treat it as if it is. Galit Distel should be doing her job and working on hasbara and then maybe our reputation wouldnt take such a beating

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