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Jun 12, 2023

Tweet of the Day

From Meitav Hachadashot Bet Shemesh:
With ball in hand and a lot of ambition yesterday tens of Haredi women residents of RBS S gathered to play basketball for the first time in the new sports field in the neighborhood. Women can play basketball without violating the boundaries of halacha, they said resolutely. We call on every person who is interested in playing basketball to join us.

good for them. Dont let the thugs set the tone... I am increasingly getting the impression that RBS D is not nearly as extreme Haredi as it was made out to be and like in some other places in Bet Shemesh there just a small number of noisy extremist thugs who try to control everyone else and set their tones that make a bad impression...

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  1. "We call on every person" until I read the hebrew I was ready to lace up my old converse all stars !

  2. “ without violating the boundaries of halacha”- of course this is true. But the zealot thugs will define what they accept as boundaries, and once they pull out the subjective שמירת עיניים / לפני עוור cards it doesn’t much matter what these women think. I wish them well and much success!


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