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Jun 26, 2023

Quote of the Day

The Chief of Staff, the Chief of Police and the Head of Shabak put out a joint statement about nationalist Jewish terror? Who are you - the Wagner forces? Who are you to put out such a message under the nose of the government? They should preach morals to us? I am against these incidents but it is shameful to call it nationalist terror.

  -- Minister Orit Struk

sure you are against it. uh huh. really sounds like it. instead of loudly criticizing the people burning down Arab villages you are loudly criticizing the heads of the security forcers who are trying to calm the region before it explodes into a full military action deteriorating on both sides.

After the criticism started pouring in from all over, Struk apologized for comparing them to the Wagner forces of rebellion but stuck to her guns about the rest.

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1 comment:

  1. I am no fan of "settler violence" but she makes a valid point.
    Daily attacks on Jews living in the "west bank" go on unabated.
    The security forces seem unwilling or unable to prevent them.
    The media has double standards when it comes to reprisals - either condemn arab attacks as they do Israeli ones, or keep quiet.
    ironically, it seems slightly racist - they expect the arabs to behave this way because?? but Jews? better by design?


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