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Jun 5, 2023

Facebook Status of the Day

I saw the original in Hebrew this morning for no longer remember who posted it so can't find it, so I am embedding the post of someone who already did the work of translating it (saving me from needing to do so) and he includes the original Hebrew...

I assume the deceased Rebbe they reference is Reb Shayale of Kerestir...

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  1. Most of the issue of baseless hatred can be designated as “zero knowledge of the other”. How many secular Jews have engaged or interacted with Charedim and how many Charedim have a secular or even a DL friend or acquaintance. How many have ever davened or attended a Shiur of a DL Rav… if only the world would be

  2. The world would be a more respectable cordial environment, plus the money angle of the Knesset of who gets what regarding jobs, appointments, school/yeshiva budgets causes hatred, antagonism & out right fighting.
    Yehi Tov, Cvmay

  3. "I swear to you that three days ago I would have rather thrown them from the airplane window than look at them." The anti -emitism of some "Israelis" is unbelievable. The first time I experienced anti-Semitism was visiting Israel as a yeshiva bochur 40 yrs ago.

    1. Why the quotation marks? He's an Israeli.

      And how is this anti-Semitism?

    2. "The first time I experienced anti- Semitism was visiting Israel as a yeshiva bochur 40 yrs ago." Did you live under a rock?!

    3. Israelis/Jews are known for their brazenness & aggressiveness, and say what they mean & mean what they say. (Gemara speaks in a positive way of their chutzpah) while e/o else especially Europeans & others think & act on their anti-Semitism without yelling it out loud. What do u prefer? Cvmay


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