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Jun 22, 2023

veto might soon be over

MK Matan Kahane (Hamachaneh Hamamlachti) made a big announcement today. He said that his party along with Yesh Atid should sit with Netanyahu in a unity government. Their veto on Netanyahu was not personal but because Gantz had sat with him already once giving him a chance and he got burned by Netanyahu breaking agreements. From now, as long as it is legal it is legitimate.

Kahane qualified his statement saying he doesnt mean right now but after the next elections when they would be coming to the table with more mandates and more power, they would be able to set the tone of the government and establish the foundational structure of the government, and then they would open it to anyone else who can live with that and want to join - no more bans on any party.

That is a big change in policy. The question is if Kahane is influential enough in his party and among the other Opposition parties to get others to agree. Besides for that, I think he is wrong - that might be the reason Gantz has not been willing to sit with Netanyahu. The others who have vetoed Netanyahu have done so for other reasons, saying they believe it is immoral to sit with someone who is under indictment. Kahane might have a harder time selling this to them than to Gantz.

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  1. If the mid-centre and centre-left parties would sit with Likud, Israel would have a stable, centrist government. Unfortunately all those parties are currently led by men that Bibi screwed over.

    1. You write as if "centrist" equals "good."


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