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Jun 21, 2023

Quote of the Day

I was going to give it to MK Pindrus but then Minister Orit Struk opened her mouth and stole the award at the last minute..

I dont think the failure is ours and that the terrible situation is specifically with our government. Everybody knows that the terror exploded in magnitude, and this is backed up by numbers that nobody can argue with, because of Benny Gantz's decision to take the IDF out of the centers of Shechem and Jenin 

  -- Minister Orit Strk, when asked if the government has failed from a security perspective

6 months in and they are still blaming the previous government. Her government did not put the IDF back in Shechem and Jenin either. To be fair, no government is at fault for terror attacks, and terror attacks have been happening for decades, but the current government is responsible for dealing with the terror attacks happening now....

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