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Jun 6, 2023

gay couples to use up maternity beds

This seems kind of weird to me

Beilinson hospital has announced that gay couples, or single men, birthing babies via surrogacy, will be hospitalized int he maternity ward just like any other person giving birth, even though they are not actually giving birth and do not require medical care or attention. If the case is of a gay couple, one would be hospitalized and the other would be considered the escort, like a husband escorting his wife who gave birth. The surrogate herself will not be in the maternity ward but will be in the Gynecology ward.

Just like any couple who gives birth, the gay couple would receive guidance and support. There will be guidance in how to care for the newborn along with guidance on feeding, diapering, bathing and the like.
(source: INN)

We have had several kids in a couple different hospitals. I do not recall "guidance" being overly significant nor a major part of the hospital stay, so not quite sure how much guidance these couples will actually be given. Our stays involved more medical attention after delivery of a baby and some rest and recuperation.

Obviously plenty of people are opposed to this.

I think it is weird. I have no problem with the hospital giving guidance to the gay couples. I am not sure it is appropriate to have these men staying there with women who just gave birth and are often receiving medical attention and might be uncomfortable having men around 24 hours a day while they are somewhat compromised. Maybe create a ward nearby where the gay men would be housed and they can receive their guidance there. I dont see a problem with gay women being in the maternity ward, but it might make sense to keep all the people who did not physically give birth but are now parents receiving guidance, together.

The biggest issue in my mind is why/how do they have so many beds available that they can put people who do not physically need them in them? I have, unfortunately, had a lot of recent experience with hospitals and they are full. Patients have to wait for beds while nurses look in a variety of wards where they can put patients because there is not enough space anywhere. I am not sure this is the best use of scarce resources...

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  1. What about adoptive mothers? Have they or will they be, granted the same opportunity?

  2. The nuttiness has reached Israel. Nebich.
    There is a totem pole when it comes to prioritizing various "victim" groups for the Woke. Gays rank above regular women. Trans rank about gays. Oddly, in North American, Muslims are at the top. A Muslim could go into a gay bar and shoot dozens of people and the gay community response would be "Maybe we were being Islamophobic?"
    So yes, a gay couple that has no need to be in the hospital at all will take a bed meant for a recovering new mother because, well because they're gay and they rank her.

  3. H' have mercy because we have descended so far down; hopefully the getting back to normality will not be the impossible. We know it has to get back to sanity & fear of Heaven and will, but at what cost.

  4. "women who just gave birth and are often receiving medical attention and might be uncomfortable having men around 24 hours a day..."

    MIGHT be uncomfortable? MIGHT???

    Oh, Rafi!

  5. H' have mercy; the world is in trouble!!!


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